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Karen Dolan is an artist of extraordinary vision. Her work is fresh, exciting and inspiring. Her remarkable craft speaks not only through her mastery of the medium but from her heart as well. I met Karen in the spring of 2017 in Morocco. Over the course of a very wonderful week I found her not only a talented artist, but a gifted teacher. And as well, Karen is a interminable student - constantly soaking up the joy of new people, places and experiences. This is what good teachers do. I’m always looking forward to seeing what she will create next! 

Stephen Starkman

Toronto, Ontario

I have been taking classes with Karen Dolan for 10 months and have loved every minute of it! Karen helped me learn about my camera, inspired confidence so that even the 5:30 morning photoshoot was fun! My introduction to Lightroom was easier with her guidance. No question is ever wrong, no challenge is ever a problem and the world of photography is made accessible through her patience, knowledge and ability to "teach". 

Linda Ann Daly

Kingston, Ontario

Karen is a superb teacher. She has in depth knowledge of photography and a remarkable ability to share it with workshop participants who themselves have a wide range of photography backgrounds. Her passion for the subject matter is infectious and this makes every workshop session both enjoyable and engaging for all participants. Her teaching ability engenders confidence in workshop members to try new approaches and techniques in their photography, regardless of their experience. I strongly recommend her workshops. 

Tom Williams

Kingston, Ontario

My husband and I did a private lesson with Karen to help us use the camera that we have never understood until now. Karen showed us how to use the camera properly, take good photos and edit to make them even better. Karen is an excellent teacher and we were so happy to have the confidence to better use the features on our camera.

Sheila and Peter Kingston

Kingston, Ontario

PHOTOART is highly recommended if you want to take better pictures and have fun... Karen knows her stuff. Try her course, I strongly suspect that you will not be disappointed.

Pete Beattie

Kingston, Ontario

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