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Blue Mask
Double Blue
Window Layer
Walk In the Woods Low View
Blue Gray Reflection
Flower Burst
Colour Burn
Car Hood
Wood Chair
Red Chair Black Shadow
Double Spokes
Part Red Part Grid
Double Chair
Flower Blur
Sky Ryan
Bumpy Reflection
AGO Reflection
Street Structures
Soar Three
Street Art
Golden Stairs
Skyscraper in Blue
Floor Lights
Lightbox Escalator
Lightbox Posters
Lightbox Ceiling Art
Lightbox Connected
TIFF 2017
AGO Lines
AGO Point
AGO Streetcar
AGO Triangles
Street Pinks and Blues
Sussex Drive Planter Stripes
Sussex Drive Planter Diagonal
Carp Zig Zag
Carp Web
Carp Wetland
Carp Red
Carp Reflection
AGO Staircase Dark Curve
AGO Staircase Shell
AGO Staircase Hint of Blue
AGO Staircase Big Curve
AGO Staircase Blue Centre
AGO Staircase Bit of Blue
AGO Staircase Taupe

Haliburton   Ottawa   Carp   Toronto

Summer 2009 & 2014   

Summer & Fall 2017

Haliburton School of Art and Design   Sussex Street Planter Abstracts   Carp Conservation Area   AGO Stairs   TIFF   Toronto Streets

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