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Amaryllis Transparent
Amaryllis Drama
Amaryllis Favourite
Amaryllis Side View
Amaryllis Red in Front
Amaryllis Open
Amaryllis Spread
Amaryllis Trio
Amaryllis Pod
Amaryllis Out in Front
Amaryllis Diagonals
Amaryllis Burst
Ice Drip
Frozen Berries
Soft Purple
Magenta Peony
Peace Lily
Glass Apple
Purple Burst
Soft Houses
Touching Tulips
Sepia Post Lamp
Charlotte & Bentley Waterfront
Walking Away
Fort Henry Family
Kingston Ryan
Purple Tulip
Winter Garden
Lake Patterns
RMC Shadows
Overturned Boats
Ice Shards
Two Trees
Single Pole
Amaryllis 2023
Red Tip Green Blur
Green Leaf Pink Trim
Christmas Cactus Closeup
Christmas Cactus Filaments
Christmas Cactus
Front Yard Colours
RMC Fall Carpet
Waaban Walk Duo
Waaban Walk Charlotte
Waaban Walk Bentley
Gerbera Orange on Orange
Gerbera Orange and Pink
Gerbera Pink and Yellow
Gerbera Orange
Gerbera Red on Pink
Birthday Gerbera
Red Trio BMW
Red Trio Sunset
Red Trio Portrait
Red Trio Mustang
Red Trio Shine
Red Trio Blue Hour
Geranium in Black and White
Golden Hour Mum Buds
Blue Jay Bentley
Blue Jay Charlotte
Winterberry Reds and Greens
Red and Orange Drama
Day Lily Side View
Kingston Mills Reflection
Anthurium with Edges
Day Lily Anthers
Kingston Mills Black and White Reflection
Day Lily Blur
Block House View
Tulips in White Vase
Boyd Bailey Wedding
Lemon Still Life
City Hall and Light Standards
Confederation Basin Lines
Single Yellow Flower
Railing and Orange Glow
Mother's Day Family
Bentley and Charlotte with Bubbles
Crabapple Buds
St George's in Black and White
Confederation Basin in Pink
Colourful Chairs
Tower in the Mist
Lemoine Point Reflection
Depth of Trees
Lemoine Sunset
Offset Owl
Pry bar
Building Materials
Back lit Hard Hat
Favourite Bench
Yellow Scaffold
Tape and Drywall
Black and White Sunburst
Sliver of Light
Kitchen Modules
Open Door
Kitchen Sink
Bedroom Windows
Cathedral Ceiling
Closet Corners
Front Room
Orange Door
Tour Boat Reflection in Blue
Amaryllis Purple Glow
Upside Wind Turbine
RMC under a Rainbow Sky
Kingston City Hall in Pride Colours
Parrott"s Bay Pollen
Wolfe Island Ferry Blur from Fort Henry
Parrott's Bay Perspective
Wolfe Island Ferry under a Pink Sky
Tour Boat Reflection in Green
Fort Henry at Sunset
Parrott's Bay Backlit
Confederation Basin Reflection
Kingston City Hall and 1095
Golden Goose
Sepia Garden Leaves
4 Chickens
Country Path
Red Tractor
Backlit Trees
Old Wheels
Lily Pad Flowers
Farm Equipment
Brianna in a Red Hat
Brianna in a Mask
Soft Boathouse
Broken Boathouse
Barriefield Boathouse Reflection
Tea Time
Baby Cup 1954
Snowbirds Overhead
Snowbirds Floating
Snowbirds Soaring
Amaryllis Glow
KYC Touch of Red
KYC Sunrise Dock
KYC Wavy Red Boat
Newlands Pavillion
Fort Henry Sunset Ceremony
Kingston Mills
KYC Double Reflection
KYC Submerged Docks
Barriefield Sunset
Fairfield House Barrel
Beautiful Bride
Bridal Party and Old Red Truck
Wind Turbine Closeup
Becky and Owen
Red Boat Hull
Wind Turbine Glow
Fort Henry Bowl
Raindrops on Red
Fairfield House Winter View
Fairfield House Porch
Fairfield House Front View
Charlotte 3 Months
Bentley in Black and White
Peace Bentley & Dreamer Charlotte
No Ordinary Dad & Family
Devil Lake Reflection
Soft Forest
Rockwood Detail
City Hall in a Puddle
Bader Stairs
S & R Blues
Bulrush Reflection
Cataraqui River Rocks
Pen Window
Pen Spiral
Pen Interior
Pen Door
Pen Staircase
Yellow Leaf
Last Flower
Boat Pile
Angry Sky
Falling Down
Messy Sky
RMC Industrial Cathedral
Keeping the Old
Wind Turbine Rotate
Window Kingston City Hall
RMC Harbour Reflection
Misty RMC View
Snowy RMC View
City Hall Holiday Column
Blue Ice
Isabel Gold
City Hall Holiday Dome
Shattered Ice
Fort Henry Blue
After the Storm
Fort Henry View
Isabel Lines
Metal Craft Stripes and Pink
Tarps of Blue
Metal Craft Prop
Cold Mist
After the Rain
Multiple Lines
Reflection in Red
Bench Play
Downtown Triangles
Layered Flower
Red Legs
Play Flower
Portsmouth Harbour Reflection
Tour Boats in the Mist
Misty Martello
Day Lily
RMC Cordite Reflected
Island Queen Paddle Wheel
Broken Ice
Lumina Borealis Blue Wall
Lumina Borealis Tree Icicle
Downtown Light
Soft Column
Mustang Reflection
Light Shadow on Blue
Downtown Old New
Vertical Reflection
Waterfront Sunrise
Waterfront Tower
Blue Boat
gritty tett
Isabel Intersections
Peaking Tower
the tett tilt
malting tower
Isabel and tower
Isabel Blue Hour
Isabel Pavers
Isabel Orange Glow
Blue Hour Blues
Moody Column
Diagonal Column
Soft Blue Column
Corner Column
Soft Shadow Column
Kingston Blue
RMC Bench
RMC Clock Tower
RMC Tank
Double Split
Soft City Hall
Edison Bulbs
Sketchy Diagonals
Grid on Blue
Column Top
Downtown Store Stripes
Fire Escape
Soft Edge
Basin Reflection
City Hall on a Train
Blue Black Train
Megalos Lamp
Striped Storefront
Rafuse Boyd Fundraiser 1
Rafuse Boyd Fundraiser 2
Rafuse Boyd Fundraiser 3
Rafuse Boyd Fundraiser 4
Rafuse Boyd Fundraiser 5
Rafuse Boyd Fundraiser 6
Rafuse Boyd Fundraiser 7
Rafuse Boyd Fundraiser 8
Rafuse Boyd Fundraiser 9
Rafuse Boyd Fundraiser 10
Rafuse Boyd Fundraiser 11
Rafuse Boyd Fundraiser 12
Isabel Soar
Isabel Glass Corner
tett look up
Isabel Shine
Isabel Edge and malting tower
tower reflection
Isabel Blues
Isabel Glow
Isabel Window Reflection
Penrose Trees
Lee and Maggie 1
Lee and Maggie 3
Lee and Maggie 6
Lee and Maggie 7
Fort Henry Metal
Jagged Curves
RMC Brilliant Blue
Barriefield Jagged Shadow
Barriefield Double Tree Shadow
Soar Vintage
RMC White Railing
Bow Left
Boat on Boat
Blue Columns
Big Prop
Small Prop
Joe Louis Walker Diptych
Steve Hill
Blue Monday
Lil' Ed
Samantha Martin & Kim Pollard
Joe Louis Walker Drummer Burst
Joe Louis Walker on Pink
Joe Louis Walker Keyboardist
Joe Louis Walker Back
Joe Louis Walker Bassist
Joe Louis Walker Drummer Spot
The Roosevelts
Lil' Ed Big Smile
Lil' Ed & the Imperials Guitarist
Lil' Ed & the Imperials Bassist
Lil' Ed Three Spots
Delta Sugar
Delta Sugar Drummer
Duerst on Sydenham Street
Hang On
Harley Davidson
Jump Vintage
One Arm
Three Helmets
Collage Modern
One Leg
Old Bastards
Favourite Hang
Bikes Silver
Bike Glamour Red
Bike on Stripes
Jump in Tandem
The Stares Banner
Blues on the Dox
Balleycanoe Door Collage
Balleycanoe Shutters and Rings
Balleycanoe Flowers on Shutters
Balleycanoe Floating Chair
Balleycanoe Barn Flowers
Canada Day Double Red
Busy Signs
Woody Mio Blu
Wavy Blue
Gray Blue Wave
Upside Down Blue

Kingston and area
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