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Red Wall Blue Door
Posts and Tarps
Double Green
Sunset Blur
Flying Sunset
Casperia Walkway
Red Burst
Red Door
Rocky Wall
Yellow Wall
Low Sunset
Stripes In The Sky
Stepping Out
Scrolls and Stripes
Stripes and Peaches
Intersecting Ceiling
Intersecting Walls
Sky Light
Orange Facade
Bicycle Shadow
Soft Orange Portico
Bird on Head
Double X Porticoes
Eight Balusters
Corner Zipper
Three Orange Stripes
Layered Corner
Column on Diagonal
Diagonal Stripes Portico
Bumpy Wall
Orange Rhythm Portico
Blue Window
Double White Portico
Rough Orange Portico
Glowing Balustrade
Peeling Portico
Orange Doorway
Sagging Window
Smudged Portico
Shades of Orange
Torn Window
Three Lamps
Portico X
Zig Zag Shadows
Four Walls
Blue Knot
Green Shadow
Orange Wall Blue Window
Red Wall
Green Pants Blue Wall
Shadow Electric
White Elegance
Blue Red Reflections
Red on Red
Pink Blue
Mostly Blue Reflections
School House Reflection
Tall Tower
Window Collage
Reflected Stripes
Orange and Brick
That Face
That Hand
That Foot
Gothic Orange
Many Colours
Shadow Step
Double Orange Stripe
Three Bracelets
Lime Green Dark Green
Orange Orange
Bike Shadow
Five Blues
Gondola Line
Two Red Posts
High in the Mist
Silver Blue
Awesome Blues
Gondola Blur Grand Canal
Candy Canes
Grand Canal Sunset
Double Step
Blue Door
Blue Reflection
Night Bridge
City Collage
Dark Side
Pink Flowers
Glowing Portico
Walls of Gray
Rainbow Stripes
Mass or Space
Lean Left
Colour Weave
That's How the Light Gets In
Yellow Green Reflection
Night Glow
Roma Termini
Metal Mess
Smoking Man Termini
Folds and Legs Ponte Sant'Angelo
Scroll Ponte Sant'Angelo
Red Heels Termini
Many Folds Ponte Sant'Angelo
Boy and Bubbles Campo Di Fiori
Centre Cross Ponte Sant'Angelo
Two Lamps
Blue Windows
Side View
Woman In Blue
Orange Mist
Ghost Trees
Monticchiello Woman
Those Trees
Top Hat San Quirico
Poggiolo Self Portrait
Blue Walkway Pienza
Striped Hill San Quirico
Two Sheep
Perugia Pink Reflection
Gubbio Burst
Silver Green Explosion
Perugia Open Window
Perugia Man with News
Assisi Silver Mass
Perugia Self Reflection
Old Assisi
Assisi Glow
Assisi Olive Tree
Man In Hat
Perugia Bird Man
Perugia Man In Red
Perugia Sunset
Pink Sky
Rolling Clay San Quirico
Three Poles in the Mist


Central Italy   Summer 2007   Casperia   Orvietto   Rome  

Northern Italy   October 2011   Bologna   Burano   Florence   Padua   Venice   Verona

Sicily   May 2012    

Central Italy   October 2012   Rome   Tuscany   Umbria  



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