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PHOTOART at Kingston School of Art

July 12th - September 13 2016

Following a successful 10-week workshop from May-July 2016 I facilitated a 2nd 10-week workshop at Kingston School of Art with a new group of photographers.

Workshop first focused on composition and design where I shared examples of my photographs. During outdoor photoshoots I shared the way I see the world through my viewfinder. I gave suggestions on choosing subjects, composing shots, camera settings and working with available light. In the studio I demonstrated easy ways to select and store images. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and other photo editing software tools were used to enhance images. Participants came away with an increased knowledge of digital photography and the digital darkroom. It was an enjoyable 10 weeks of exploring the art of seeing.

Shoal Tower in Kingston's Confederation Basin

Boat reflection in Kingston's Confederation Basin

Silhouette of Kingston's Island Queen Tour Boat at sunrise

Column composition, the main building at the former Kingston Psychiatric Hospital's Rockwood Asylum

Bench at sunset on the grounds of Kingston's Royal Military College


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