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MixAbilities Inclusive Arts Training Phase 1 2018

Art needs to be accessible to all. I have a special interest in arts initiatives that promote inclusivity and accessibility. In the fall of 2018 I was asked to oversee such an initiative for Kingston's H'art Centre "helping adults with intellectual disabilities reach their highest potential through the arts".

I was excited to take on the role of Project Manager for MixAbilities, a 13-week awareness-training program for H'art Centre artist/leaders.

The aim of the MixAbilities pilot project was to raise awareness around arts inclusivity and accessibility and:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of H’art’s vision and mission

  • Help to effectively support H’art artist/participants as they progress in their work

  • Develop skills and confidence as an artist/leader

  • Increase knowledge of the disability arts movement

From September to December I met regularly with 6 passionate artist/leaders as they worked through the training modules. They generously shared their experiences and all agreed that the training helped them meet the various needs of their participants.

“….overall it was a fantastic training session, and fairly user friendly.

I enjoyed the readings, and for the most part found the tables, graphs and other tools to apply my thoughts and plans into action, quite simple and effective. ….I really liked this, and can see how it will have a positive impact on all visiting artists/leaders within the H’art ......... Community - so thank you!”

-Laura Scott, H’art artist/leader

MixAbilities Inclusive Arts Training participant Fall 2018

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