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Loyalist Foyer Frieze

In 2010, my last year of teaching, I received grants through the Limestone Learning Foundation and High Skills Major Initiative. “The Loyalist Foyer Frieze” was a 2-part project and unique opportunity for students from two different subject areas to not only apply and showcase their individual skills but to merge their talents towards a common goal. Richard Martin and I facilitated a workshop for more than 80 senior LCVI photography students. Each student submitted a photographic print to be framed and hung in the front foyer of the school.

A senior LCVI woodworking, Specialist High Skills Major student, under the direction of woodworking teacher, Geoff Petznick, designed and constructed a custom oak, horizontal rail support system to secure and display photographs. The photographic exhibit encircles the upper walls of Loyalist Collegiate’s front foyer, forming a panoramic frieze. The construction plan for frames and display system allows for regular rotation of prints so that future photography students can display their work.

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